I started full time at goTenna in 2013, right at the beginning. Since then I have designed the proof of concept device that got us our first funding, and all of the five hardware products we have shipped since then: Pro, Mesh, V1, Embedded, and goKit. I also make a lot of custom devices for internal use, like test fixtures and specialized lab equipment. It’s been an amazing learning experience in so many ways. Most of my most wizardy wizarding I have done here.

Here’s a few pictures from the inside:

The trail of deceased prototypes and beta units on the road to perfection
First Pro units from the factory in Mexico!
IP67 testing…
IP68 testing!
Easter Egg on one of the PCBs
A 30 port USB hub, because that’s a thing we made. Not shown is the injection molded cradle that fits on top.

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